banner01Details: Concept Bar at the Doubletree Hotel, KL. Small bar for up to 60 persons. Part of 3 different outlets, Estate and EST. Shift in approach to conventional office building design. Exploring new sunshading methods to minimise cooling costs and energy consumption.
Date: 2011 Completed
Size: 1,180 Sq. Ft
Cleint: BIG Group
Services: Design Consultants, Site supervision and Execution.

banner02Conceptually based on a Gentleman’s house, Tate was meant to reflect how “Bruce Wayne” would live.
Written in the 40’s, the design of the Tate was meant to represent the underworld and somewhat dark days of prohibition where all alcohol was forbidden.
Raw naked lightbulbs, raw cement, uneven timber flooring, raw cement finishes contrast with plush fabrics and timber panelling.
banner02A unique feature mirrored wall on the outer façade designed to save cost and reflect the secretive and unique nature of the Bar.
It was conceived to NOT be obvious. Only people who know it exists would know to look for the entrance.
The entrance in itself it concealed into a patterned wall.
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