banner01Details: Bungalow for a family of 8, with a ‘granny flat’, swimming pool, large entertainment areas, workshop and multiple carparking.
Date: 2010 Completed
Size: 14,300 Sq. Ft
Cleint: Private
Services: Full Architectural Consultancy, Concept Design, Design Development, Documentation and Site Services.
banner02 banner03 banner04The entrance is celebrated as a bridge straddling a 6ft deep koi pond.
There are two entrances, one to the main house and the other to a separate 2 bedroom Apartment.
banner05 banner06 banner07The Client(s) have a long standing connection and appreciation for old Colonial Plantation Bungalows. It was decided that while the house was to be modern, it must embody and have a sense of the past.
Inspiration was drawn from the old black and white plantation homes with large sprawling verandahs overlooking the estate.
This house features large expansive living and entertainment areas that sprawl out into the garden and swimming pool deck.
banner08A large double volume living space with a skylight above helps to avoid dark spaces as a result of the large verandahs and elaborate entrance.
Designed to be naturally ventilated, the house rarely utilises the air conditioning system.
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